The Things’ debut single was the only record released on John Maher’s Imperial records label in 1980. The limited release 7 inch 45 is now something of a collector’s item.

Pieces of You - picture sleeve

Sleeve and labels

The only other studio recordings of The Things from this era were the four tracks recorded for Mark Radcliffe’s ‘Transmission’ Piccadilly Radio programme and  broadcast on 12 July 1980. The four tracks were Pleasures,  Time & Time Again,  Pieces Of You  and  If You’re There.

DJ John Peel made live a recording of The Things  when they played at his roadshow at Manchester Polytechnic on 9 March 1980. He had intended to release a live compilation  album of new artists featuring some of The Things’ tracks but for reasons unknown to those outside the BBC the project was not completed and the recordings remain unreleased.

Skip forward to 2013 and The Things reunite, albeit without original drummer John Maher who had since relocated from his native Manchester to the Outer Hebrides. Brian Benson has been performing with the band since their reformation.

Following a number of live gigs the band went back into the studio in June 2014, recording 13 songs, with John Maher guesting on several of the tracks – reuniting the original 1980 line up. The results of 2014’s studio sessions will be released during 2015. The first planned release is a 3 track EP, entitled ‘1000 Stars‘ and will be followed later in the year with the The Things first album.

1000 stars ep