The Things EP1

“It’s the New Things”: EP1 Review


The Things EP1
EP1 review by Aural DelightsWith the music biz in the throes of a psych pop revival the timing couldn’t be better.  It is clear from the opening bass riff of “Nobody Wonders” that this band makes most of the current scenes garage/psych wannabees seem like rank outsiders. There’s a legitimacy and energy bursting out of this four track EP that puts this band up their with the greats. I never had the opportunity to see them live when they first emerged but I get a sense that the youthful enthusiasm that drove those early performances has been captured and flows from these recordings. The dreamy pop of “1000 Stars” has a glorious epic feel with Ella Burton’s keyboards holding the centre ground as Tim Lyons preaches the garage rock sermon through a wall of sound.

The re-recording of the original single “Pieces Of You” is a glorious piece of Spectoresque pop, complete with handclaps, a Hank Marvin solo from Dave Holmes, and a chorus to die for. Closing the set with a cover of The Seeds classic “Can’t Seem To Make You Mind” in a para-ska style the group signal that they are back with a clear intention to inform, educate and entertain.
This is a fantastic set of tunes and I look forward to hearing the forthcoming album.  The evocative cover for the EP was taken by John Maher whilst in America.  The music was recorded at Pro 2 Studio, Castleford, Yorkshire and mixed at Wee studio, Stornoway, in the Hebrides.Read the full article here

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